If you've been looking for a decent set of products to sell as your own then look no further...

Up until now, resale rights products were quite straight-forward. You bought the license, you added your payment button and then you promoted it. You made a good chuck of sales, and then your enthusiasm died out. Unfortunately your sales did too.

Ah... that's so typical. It was good whilst it lasted and you made your money's worth but wouldn't it be nice for once if you could have the sales continuously coming in long after you did your promotions?

...Wouldn't it be nice to log into your ClickBank account and see spikes of commission sales and thinking 'what on earth are these sales for?' only to find out that it's because your master reseller product is still doing its job!

...Wouldn't it be nice to not be competing directly with other resellers and entering yet another price war?

...And wouldn't it be nice to actually to not be selling saturated poor quality products that people are hesitant to buy?

Knowing this, you should be asking yourself... "how on earth do I do this without having to work any harder or spend more money?"... "how do I keep the sales coming in so I don't have to work any harder no matter how many people come online and start figuring out what I'm already doing too?"

Well luckily, I'll spare you the thought because this is exactly why you're here on this page today. You're going to be one of the very few people on the web who'll enter a deeper level of secrecy!...

Introducing your FINAL calling card...

Brand these products with your ClickBank affiliate links, sell them individually with master resell rights and let other beginners start bringing in sales for you automatically!

Before I get into the details of each package let me explain why this is going to be such an excellent piece of marketing material for you...

1. Firstly you get to sell the products as your own. Yes I know, there's nothing new about that. Resale rights has been around for a long time except you'll notice straight away that they don't look like your average products. In fact there are private label products out there that don't even come close to the quality of these! These products are set to sell with minimum effort on your part.

2. Next, you can sell the resale license to your customers as well! This in itself is a great selling point and can be one of the main reasons why people buy off you in the first place! But it doesn't stop there because...

3. You get exclusive branding rights to each product! There are links integrated within the product interface itself that you'll be able to earn money on as an affiliate (which I'll show you in a bit.)

4. The best part is, YOUR resellers don't have to know about it and they can continue on their merry way selling it like it was their own with your affiliate links intact! This mean that you'll be making money from their selling efforts!

Each product is branded with your ClickBank affiliate link. When the end user goes through the training material, your affiliate link will be exposed to them!

So not only do you earn your 100% profit by selling to end users and resellers, but you also earn 50% recurring commission with your branded affiliate links! You'll get paid for literally doing nothing! Your customers and resellers will continue selling your product for years to come!

It really doesn't get any better than this!... Oh but wait it does!

The other problem with video training products is that they tend to have very large file sizes. This can be taxing on your server bandwidth, costly if you're using third party storage like Amazon S3 that charge you for every MB transferred, and it can also cause unhappy customers - and that's the last thing you want!

So to make your transactions (and every reseller who buys from you) run smoothly, all the product content will be hosted for you leaving you with only a sales-grabbing sales page and payment button to worry about!

In fact, one of these fantastic little products will be no bigger than a few MB in size so you can take all the weight and heavy lifting off your server!



















With each product you'll receive the following...

Your own sales letter - proof-read and professionally written ready to collect sales and priced accordingly for excellent conversions!

Your prepared thank you page - complete with a thank you message and your product ready-linked so you can upload to your server straight away! We even make your affiliate program obvious by placing an attractive looking banner to send them to your affiliate page!

Your own affiliate page - so you can offer 50, 75 even 100% commission to your affiliates and customers when they refer sales for you! (I'll tell you why you should give 100% commission away in a bit!)

Branding tool - this is exclusive only to you through this site. This is the tool that'll let you place your ClickBank IDs into the menu and footer of the product interface ready for you to collect recurring monthly commissions in the back-end! (do not pass this tool around when selling)

Photoshop PSDs with editable text layers - so you can match the product title to your domain name, or even re-design the graphics with your own Photoshop Action scripts. This of course is completely optional and there for those that want to take it that step further!

Lead-sucking squeeze page - so you can capture the name and email of visitors who are interested in your product, but not ready to buy at that moment. You will have a capture form placed on your sales letter and another setup as a separate page. Use it with an exit pop-up script or promote your squeeze page first to generate leads!

Auto-responder sequence - so you can educate your prospects and provide them with useful information. We spent time formatting and preparing your mini eCourses so you can copy and paste them straight into auto-responder!

With branding rights to all 10 hot-selling products you'll have your ClickBank IDs imbedded in all of them!

...And because you can pass on Master Resell Rights, you'll be getting new customers joining our membership through your affiliate link!

1. First off you have a set of excellent products to sell. To the end user they're extremely valuable because the training videos provide real actionable material - not fluff talk or theories. Each product is presented in a clean interface with side menu that keeps all the videos in one screen rather than having to download separate videos and load them in separate windows - cluttering the desktop!

2. Reseller's will love you! To the reseller, they're a new line of products to add to their arsenal and will want to continue selling for years to come. With more and more people entering the 'internet marketing' niche, resell rights products are naturally becoming more and more popular. Quite simply, people want to sell their own product without creating them and for once you'll be able to provide something very unique for them!

3. Your ClickBank ID will be embedded into every product! If this is not a good enough reason alone, I don't know what is! Having your affiliate ID embedded into an army of Master Resell Rights products means you get to not only sell to the end user, or resellers, but you also get to put your feet up as you'll have more and more people joining our monthly recurring membership through your affiliate link! With each new member you'll have the potential to pocket a cool $150 for the full term of a member! Your income grows the more your product gets passed around the web!

4. They're lightweight and will travel quickly throughout the web! Yes each product is only a few megabytes in size. This means transactions are faster and end users and resellers alike will be able to setup the product faster for selling and view the content quicker. All of which means you'll get more exposure to your affiliate links within seconds - not minutes! In this world of impatience, speed and efficiency is everything!

5. Follow-up sequence to ensure customer is exposed to the membership offer several times! Yes, and if that wasn't enough, we follow up with customers to make sure they are well aware of our membership. We spend several days building rapport, handing out free gifts and reminding them of our elite membership. And because your affiliate ID will have already been 'cookied' on their when they first opened the product, YOU'LL be the one who gets the commission - every month for the next year!


If you don't want to work HARD for your money and want to finally work SMART by leveraging off the time and effort off others then this system is for you!

However if you want to continue struggling jumping around from one big guru launch to the next then just click the little cross in the corner and let someone else take advantage of this insane system!

The blueprint has been revealed to you - and the system has been created. All that's left is for you to do is click the 'buy now' button, download your Master Reseller products, brand them, and sell them individually!

Honestly the 'hardest' thing you'll have to do is brand each product which will only take 5 minutes and you'll be provided with full screenshot instructions on how to do this round the corner.

And the price for all this you ask?... Well you've going to be in for a shock.

Normally I sell a product with rights for at least $27 - and that's just one product. I've even sold rights for $47 and $97. So for ten high quality products like the ones you see above, I could easily sell them for a total of $270 (10x $27) on the low side and that will still be a bargain - especially when you consider that you could be in profit with just 2 members signing up under your affiliate ID!

But $270 is a bit steep for those starting out - and the point of this offer as you may be surprised to know is NOT for me to make money - but for YOU to make money within minutes of setting this up and years from now through passive sales!

So if I cut the cost of this down to $97 - I will have shaved off a whopping $173 which you could put to very good use in other areas of your business. In fact, at just $97 all you'd need is 1 member under your ID and you'll be in profit by $53!

So the question you've got to ask yourself is... "Can I get just 1 person to join your membership to recoup my investment using the tremendous reseller kit that you've provided?..."

...and the answer to that is quite simply "Yes!"

The scales are highly in your favour but I'm going to sweeten the deal even more by letting this go for peanuts! No matter who you are, what your background is, what level of skill you're at, if you have change to spare - the sort of change that is in your pocket, purse or wallet, you'll be able to pick this up for a ridiculous...

YES! Give me branding rights to all 10 of your fantastic reseller products!

YES! Give me exclusive branding rights to all 10 amazing reseller products! I know I'm going to make an absolute fortune selling these to other marketers and the back-end recurring income makes this a no-brainer!

YES! Give me everything I need to get these setup QUICKLY so I can start selling today! I want all the pre-written emails, polished sales letters, PSDs for editing text and everything else needed to get me selling asap! You're making this so easy for me that I only have to put my payment button on them!

YES! Back me up with a 60 day guarantee! It's there for my piece of mind however I'm confident I'm not going to need it because knowing I can get each product created for me for $10 each is a steal!

Secure Your Copy Now for $997 $497 $297 only $97!

Resell Rights Ninja - AMAZING 10X Master Resell Rights Products with rebrand software and reseller k

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Do you want to let this opportunity slip by you, or do you want to take advantage of it here and now whilst it's still fresh in your mind and now whilst you understand why it works so well?!

The reason it's priced so low is purely to give you a CHANCE online! No one will create such a luxury set of products for you. No one will setup a complex system like this for YOUR benefit. And no one will sell an entire system like this for such a silly low price. But for the first time, you'll be able to cash in this deadly effective system and watch your ClickBank sales rise!

Click the order button and secure your order now whilst there are still copies left at this price!

Once all units are sold, the price will jump right up like they do with all my other offers! Don't lose out this time round. Make sure you're in quickly before someone else starts selling these products to you - when you should be the one selling it to them!

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